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KreativeSoft - Flash Design Services

To help relieve the monotony of static looking pages, KreativeSoft offers flash design services. If you’re looking to make your website a somewhat "happening" place for customers and visitors, yet you do not want to hurt your search engine friendliness – our embedded flash design services are strongly recommended.

How does this work?

Our embedded flash design service follows the philosophy of "satisfying both the customers and search engines". As a smart business owner, you’d want both your visitors and search engines happy with your website, and here is when our embedded flash services jump in to action. While our savvy flash features are making a lasting impression on your site visitors and customers, at the same time our standard html coding keeps you friendly for the search engines.

Our flash design services include:

  • Custom Embedded Flash Elements
  • Flash banners
  • Flash slideshows
  • Flash Intros
  • Graphic Design for Flash

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